State of Nevada and City of Sparks Proclaim a Black Business Day and Week

On Wednesday, the City of Sparks celebrated Black businesses at Huntsman Tavern.

The City of Sparks proclaimed August 23 as Black Business Day and a representative from the Governor’s Office proclaimed this week of August 21-27 as Black Business Week.

KaPreace Young who was a spokesperson at the proclamation said this acknowledgment means a lot to the community. 

“We don’t want to limit ourselves today and weeks, but the acknowledgment is what we’re really excited for,” Young said. “Because now black businesses are going to be recognized on a different level and we can carry this out year by year and even throughout the year and not just in August, but we can celebrate from January to December.”

Young said that with the support from both Sparks and the State.

She’s hoping this gives more recognition and support to black businesses.

While Young said she’s grateful for the acknowledgment today, she’s working with city officials to see what they can do moving forward.

“We can have some roundtable discussion need,” Young said. “Is it resources? Is it access to grants? Is it the knowledge to different opportunities they have to establish their businesses, to uplift their businesses, to empower their businesses? So, the city we’re looking for your support, not just today, but continuing and we know that we have it.”

Other than the press conference and proclamation, people were invited to Huntsman Tavern to enjoy some specialty cocktails with the help of some local black businesses.

Monday was the start of the Black business celebration events, partnered with Yelp, to give recognition to many local businesses in the area.

Rising for People Coffee was one of those this week.

“I never thought in a million years that I would be in this position today actually advertising my coffee business and being in a category for black owned businesses or being a woman owned business in Reno,” said Sky Jones, Owner of Rising for People Coffee.

The coffee company is partnering with Uncle Nearest Whiskey for their event this week.

Rising for People is selling four special cold brews with the partnership until August 26.

The coffee company specializes in coffee flights where customers can pick up to four coffees to enjoy.

Uncle Nearest is the first female African American owned whiskey company in America and they officially launched their whiskey in Reno for the first time tonight at Huntsman Tavern.

They said, participating in this event is special to them.

“I’ve never been a part of anything so special in my entire life,” said Duane Fernandez Jr., Nevada’s Market Manager, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. “And so just to see the community come together, we’re talking all races coming together for these events this week and for us to be a part of it is something extremely special and something I’m going to hold in my heart for a long time.”

Huntsman Tavern partnered with both Rising for People and Uncle Nearest for special cocktail drinks.

For the first 100 people that ordered a shot or cocktail with Uncle Nearest Whiskey, they received a free beer pairing.

With Rising for People Coffee, they had a cold brew mixed drink.

Huntsman Tavern says that they were honored to host the event and help support black owned businesses.

“So, it’s not about the Huntsman obviously we’re very honored that they chose us to be their venue for that but it’s really about pointing the finger to the people that we’re supporting,” said Zack Mollhagen, Owner of Huntsman Tavern.

Huntsman Tavern is celebrating its five-year anniversary this Saturday.

For more information on future Black owned business celebrations happening until August 29, you can click on the link below to RSVP:

#BlackOwnedInReno – Northern Nevada’s FIRST Black Business Month Celebration, Reno | Events – Yelp

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