Sonja Irons • D.A.T. Staffing | Black Business Month 2023


Sonja IronsCan you share the story behind your business and what inspired you to start it? How does it align with your personal values and the needs of your community?

D.A.T. Staffing was started to provide employment opportunities to those individuals that might not otherwise be given access to opportunities for certain positions. It is our goal to assist people with getting into positions where they can prove their value to industries and give them the chance to be able to provide for their families by getting into careers not just jobs.

In what ways does your business contribute to the economic empowerment and advancement of the Black community? Can you highlight any specific initiatives or partnerships that promote diversity and inclusion?

Our company is not only minority owned, but female owned as well. We offer a place where members of the Black community can come and see people that look like them in the hope that it inspires them to find their career path. As a member of the African American Chamber of Commerce, we are active in participating in workshops and conferences that keep us abreast of what the needs of the community are.

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How have you overcome challenges and obstacles as a Black business owner? Are there any lessons or strategies you’ve learned along the way that you believe would benefit other aspiring entrepreneurs?

As a minority owned company we are often not granted equal access to Plant Managers and HR personnel in our pursuit to obtain more staffing opportunities. We do not give up. A “no” today can be turned into a “yes” with persistence and visibility. In order to succeed you will have a lot of doors closed in your face and some that will not open for you. The key is to never doubt your value and keep trying. Persistence does pay off in the end.

In what ways do you prioritize and support other Black-owned businesses? Do you actively seek out collaborations and partnerships within the Black business community? If so, how have these relationships impacted your own growth and success?

We reach out to other minority owned businesses for assistance with the needs of our office, such as working with insurance brokers, advertising, etc. It is essential to establish relationships with other minority owned businesses because we have to support each other. We are or have experienced some of the same challenges and we can offer insight and advise so the we both can succeed.


How do you envision the future of Black entrepreneurship, and what role do you see your business playing in that future? Are there any particular goals or aspirations you have for your business that are aligned with uplifting the Black community?

The future of Black entrepreneurship is bright. There are so many young minds that already are planning or have started businesses. Our goal is to put people in positions where they can become permanent employees and provide them the opportunity to promote within a company. It is our hope that we can put people in places that they can pull someone else up. Everyone adds value to a situation, if simply given a chance.

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Get Insightful, Cutting-Edge, Black Content Daily - Join "The Neo Jim Crow" Newsletter!

We don’t spam! Read our [link]privacy policy[/link] for more info.

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