Rolling Sea Action Fund: A Game-Changing Super PAC Aims to Mobilize Black Voters and Transform House Leadership

In a groundbreaking move, a prominent ally of the Congressional Black Caucus will launch a high-impact super PAC that seeks to galvanize Black voters, shift the House majority in favor of Democrats, and achieve a historic milestone by electing the first Black speaker of the House.

Named the Rolling Sea Action Fund, this visionary initiative will be led by Niccara Campbell-Wallace, formerly the political director of the Congressional Black Caucus PAC. While the new organization will be closely aligned with the all-Democratic Congressional Black Caucus, it will operate as a “hybrid PAC,” enabling Rolling Sea to raise substantial funds for candidates while maintaining a separate account for unlimited expenditure on advertisements and other crucial election spending.

With the special election for a vacant seat in Rhode Island approaching in November, Democrats only need to flip five seats in the upcoming congressional elections to secure control of the House. If this pivotal goal is accomplished, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, a respected figure in Congressional Black Caucus leadership and a Democrat representing New York, would be poised to make history as the United States’ first Black speaker of the House.

Campbell-Wallace disclosed in an exclusive interview with NBC News that Rolling Sea Action Fund has ambitious plans to implement a multifaceted strategy in 2024, with an anticipated budget exceeding $10 million. This comprehensive approach will encompass targeted advertising, grassroots organizing, and active engagement in vital communities. The organization will prioritize competitive House districts with an African American voting age population exceeding 8%. Additionally, while focusing on general elections, Rolling Sea Action Fund remains open to participating in primary races as well.

We Are Rolling Sea Action Fund

“Black voters are the bedrock of the Democratic Party and the safeguarders of American democracy,” emphasized Campbell-Wallace, sharing the organization’s profound conviction. “Our endeavor is an ever-present commitment to empower and mobilize Black voters, ensuring that we honor the diversity and greatness of America.”

Acknowledging the invaluable contribution of Black voters, who have consistently turned out in record numbers to bolster the Democratic Party, Campbell-Wallace stressed the importance of further support and affirmation. Describing this effort as a heartfelt letter, she expressed the aim of assuring these crucial voters that their interests are heard and championed zealously.

The Congressional Black Caucus boasts numerous newly elected members who triumphed in closely contested races, including representatives Emilia Sykes of Ohio, Don Davis of North Carolina, Lauren Underwood of Illinois, Jahana Hayes of Connecticut, Lucy McBath of Georgia, Colin Allred of Texas, and Steven Horsford of Nevada. Republicans have also made strides to diversify their roster of House candidates, with candidates of color and women playing a vital role in their successful 2020 House races.

While maintaining a strong allegiance to Democrats, Black voters have demonstrated overwhelming support, as confirmed by exit polls from the 2022 midterm elections, revealing that 86% sided with Democrats. Nevertheless, recent polling indicates a noticeable decline in the party’s perceived reputation over the past decade.

In 2009 polling conducted by NBC News, 76% of Black voters held a positive view of the Democratic Party, while just 7% viewed it negatively. However, survey results from April of this year indicate that only 61% of registered Black voters maintain a positive perception, with 15% expressing negativity towards the party.

Addressing this concerning trend, Campbell-Wallace offered reassurance that Rolling Sea Action Fund’s perpetual, proactive approach would help keep Black voters engaged. She pointed to the significant efforts of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, highlighting their endeavors in areas such as employment, infrastructure, and student loan reform. The representation symbolized by Biden and Harris further underscores their impact on marginalized communities.

While Campbell-Wallace emphasized the primary goal of reclaiming the House majority and securing 218 Democratic members necessary for Hakeem Jeffries’ speakership, she also emphasized the importance of Black female representation in the Senate. Notably, Rep. Barbara Lee of California, a former Congressional Black Caucus chair, is currently running for Senate, underscoring the organization’s commitment to supporting and uplifting their own community.

When queried about potential involvement in primary races, Campbell-Wallace remained enigmatic, emphasizing a “wait and see” approach to such decisions.

In a political climate defined by increasing demands for representation and change, the inception of Rolling Sea Action Fund marks a crucial turning point. With resolute determination and a laser focus on empowering Black voters, this super PAC is poised to revolutionize American politics, driving forward a new era of inclusivity and echoing a resounding message of support and appreciation to communities who have long been the backbone of the Democratic Party.

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