Philadelphia’s Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Clergyman Makes Black Health A Priority

Motivated by personal loss, the deaths of his mother, sister, and brother-in-law to heart disease, Rev. Miles champions improved health policies locally and nationally. “Systemic racism leads to poor health outcomes for many Blacks. Education is key, and I commit to being an educator. I don’t just speak out as a theologian. I also voice my story and offer a solution that resonates with Blacks. My family history prepared me for this moment. I have no fear. Whether talking with someone on Philadelphia streets or elected officials, I give both the same level of respect. They know mine are action words because Black lives matter,” he concludes. 

His resolve stems from a deep understanding of factors that contribute to poor health outcomes for many Blacks, turning his tragedy into a relentless pursuit of change. In a compelling testament to the critical importance of community well-being, Rev. Leroy Miles is a powerful advocate for Black health in Philadelphia and beyond.

“Strengthening families and communities is pivotal to our church mission. I embrace this commitment,” Rev. Miles states, drawing on his life experiences and faith to embody the principles of compassion, understanding, and empathy. That he serves others in a way that shows God’s love is the most significant way to make a difference. 

As a certified health coach, Rev. Miles makes a difference in many ways through collaborations. “I collaborate with Philadelphia hospitals, health organizations, and governmental bodies, to name some. Bridging gaps in healthcare access cannot occur without broad-based strategic relationships. Partnerships allow me to cast a wide net,” he concludes. Notable partnerships include one with Penn Medicine, where Rev. Miles spearheads the “Know Your Numbers! Campaign,” a health screening that gives treatment, health education, and support to people unaware that they have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is prevalent among African-American men and women. “Enon teams with Penn Medicine and organizes health events at the church for Black men. They learn about cardiovascular disease prevention. An estimated 900 men received health screenings and information at Enon,” shares Rev. Miles. He is also on the Philadelphia American Heart Association board.

As public recognition of his passion and expertise grows, so do speaking requests. Rev. Miles is a sought-after panelist on diseases prevalent among African-Americans. This past September, he presented at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 52nd Annual Legislative Conference.

“Some ask if I get tired, and the answer is no. I understand my limitations yet lean on strengths vital to overcoming barriers. With God’s help, our mission is beyond country borders now. We organize health expos and care centers in Africa and South America. Black health is not just a US concern; it’s a global concern. I am proud to have a unique opportunity, through Enon, to spread the gospel of good health, educate neglected people of color on why preventative measures and lifestyle changes are pivotal, and advocate for systems change beneficial to them,” Rev. Miles concludes.

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