Op-Ed: Soros-backed prosecutors ignore the law

“Woke prosecutors across the country are more concerned with pushing a political agenda than keeping citizens safe. They have made America a dangerous place.” U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-GA

While America’s political king and queen makers buy presidential and congressional contests, far left liberal mega-donor George Soros has been collocating his redistribution of wealth under-the-radar to advance his own personal war on American justice. He is the sole financier of one of the progressive movement’s most dangerous goals: Decriminalizing the American system of justice.

George Soros, a billionaire entrepreneur, admits he channeled over $3 million into at least seven local district-attorney campaigns over the past year. This sum exceeds the total amount that was spent on the 2016 presidential campaign by all but a few super-donors. Every district attorney he has backed did not reform the justice system. They ignored the law and let the bad guys go free.

Soros spent over $40 million last decade to elect liberal prosecutors in America’s largest jurisdictions, which are now roiled by crime. Many of them had no prosecutorial experience. Ten of Soros prosecutors, including liberal Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner and liberal DA George Gascon in Los Angeles, received $13 million and won only because they spent over 90% more than their competition.

Soros perceives a theory that investing money in Hispanic and Black campaigns whose platforms parallel progressive goals of avoiding prosecution at all costs as Soros believes will help further the far left anchorage of reducing the sentencing of violent criminals especially those in identity groups.

Soros doesn’t believe that prosecutors must, “Let the punishment fit the crime.” – William S. Gilbert

He believes directing drug offenders to diversion programs instead of trials achieves racial justice since more ethnic minorities abuse drugs. Progressives believe this is the most tangible action to equalize criminal imprisonment. He also backs candidates who campaign that they will not prosecute misdemeanors nor will they prosecute criminals living in poverty because society is unfair to them.

Soros wants his legacy to be the person who reformed our justice system by electing progressive prosecutors across the country to make our justice system “fair.” But the only mark he’ll be leaving on America is a massive spike in crime, in the nation’s most populous areas throughout our nation.

“This rise in crime is only temporary until we get more liberal prosecutors elected.” – George Soros

According to the LA Times, in one year, shootings in LA increased 69%. Violent crime is up 7.2%. Robberies are up 19%. Car thefts increased 40% and the murder rate doubled! People fear crime will get worse since the recall of Soro’s backed DA George Gascon failed. Gascon said he will not prosecute minor theft, drug possession, resisting arrest, assaulting police or property destruction.

“A district attorney is not a sovereign with absolute discretion what laws to enforce.” – Salena Zito

In St. Louis, violent crime rose by 9% before Soros backed Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardnerhas was forced to resign. She refused to talk with Jeff Roorda, head of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, as crime escalated to a record high in St. Louis. Roorda said, “From day one our relations with Gardnerhas got worse. She finally quit talking to us.” The day that St. Louis passed Detroit as the most violent and dangerous city in America, Gardnerhas gave into critics and abruptly resigned.

Like many large cities, Chicago embraced a progressive slate of prosecutors. Soros backed Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx singed on to a coterie of easy bail, refusal to arrest offenders and reduced charges. This resulted in an explosive homicide and violent crime rate. She’s gone out of her way to protect criminals like Empire star Jussie Smollett from being prosecuted for their crimes.

Fox News reported, “This city and this state have put themselves on a course of self-destruction.”

Larry Krasner’s election in 2017 was a triumph for progressives nationwide: The man who sued police departments 75 times, represented Black Lives Matter, and promised to do away with cash bail was seen as the most liberal district attorney candidate in the U.S. Soros backed him and he won.

“People have a better chance at reforming in their communities than in prisons.” – Larry Krasner

San Francisco voters succeeded removing Soros backed DA Chesa Boudin from office when the mother of all crime waves broke out in the city. Boudin entered office promising to make the city safer, ending all punitive policies. This included eliminating cash bail, reducing jail population by commuting sentences of those on death row. San Francisco voters got their wish.

Under Boudin, the murder rate jumped 37%. Hate crimes against Asian residents tripled and the property crime doubled while he was in office. Stolen cars and home break-ins rose to a new high under Boudin. Retail theft became so bad that retail giants like Walgreens closed their doors.

Boudin refused to prosecute misdemeanor crimes, and played “catch and release” with felons.

Other states are fighting back to remove woke prosecutors. Republicans in Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri and Indiana have passed legislation mandating how certain criminal offenses must be charged, sent to court, and punished. These supersede the authority of woke prosecutors to arbitrarily decide what laws they choose to enforce and which ones they despotically ignore.

Tom Anderson, director of the Government Integrity, says, “George Soros has orchestrated his dark money political equivalent of shock and awe voters on local attorney races. Soros bought races to replace good incumbents with social justice equalizers. His system is dependent on low information voters.”

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” – John F. Kennedy

Plato told us, “Good laws are passed to protect good citizens.” It is bad citizens who break these laws that hurt good citizens and need to be punished for disrupting the lives of good citizens. It is the obligation of all prosecutors to arrest and imprison all criminals who commit crimes against society that hurt the lives of good citizens. If they won’t protect good citizens from bad ones they must be replaced. Woke prosecutors have no authority to choose what laws they wish to enforce.

These high profile local prosecutors use their positions as inroads into national politics. Soros’ hand picked justice babysitters who consider a slap on the hand better than a spanking will find a way to navigate the political pipeline all the way to Washington. If you think that the FBI and the DOJ are failing miserably today, just wait until these soft on crime progressives get to Washington DC.

The last four words of the Pledge of Allegiance, “And justice for all,” are an expression of loyalty to our country, our flag, our leaders and our laws. There is no such thing as racial parity in our justice system. You do the crime, you do the time. Every woke prosecutor who puts crooks back on the streets instead of in jail is committing a crime against American justice.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.” – Martin Luther King

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