Mississippi’s Election Day Voting Failures Simply Should Not Be Happening in 2023

What happened in Mississippi on election day simply can not be considered OK in the United States of America in 2023.

Mississippi Votes, a non-partisan voting rights organization, filed an emergency complaint that showed how dire the state of affairs was on Tuesday. The incidents reported are deeply troubling, particularly in areas with large Black communities, and raise serious concerns about the integrity and fairness of the voting process.

Many of the issues occurred in Clinton County, which is 40 percent African American. At one precinct site, there were only 14 ballots remaining while 100 people were still waiting in line to vote. In another part of the county, a site ran out of ballots not once, but three times, and was only replenished with 100 ballots each time. At the Clinton County YMCA, a mere 100 ballots were left with many voters still trying to vote.

These distressing reports reveal the extent of the problems encountered at multiple precincts, leaving citizens uncertain about their ability to cast their votes.

In a nation where democracy is the cornerstone of our government, such failures are not only outrageous, but also have a profound impact on the lives of Black Mississippians. Issues such as healthcare, criminal justice reform, and more hang in the balance, making the need for improved measures to safeguard the integrity of the voting system all the more critical.

Failures at the ballot box should be unthinkable in the modern era. Every eligible voter should be able to wait in line for a reasonable amount of time and exercise their right to vote without unnecessary obstacles. Black Mississippians, like all citizens, should have confidence that their votes will be counted on election day and that their voices will be heard.

The significance of these failures becomes even more apparent when viewed in the context of Mississippi’s historical struggles with voting rights. Mississippi has a long and troubled history of suppressing the votes of Black citizens, and these recent events serve as a stark reminder that the state has not entirely overcome its past.

It is disheartening that such issues persist in our country, and it is high time that we address them comprehensively. To strengthen our democracy and ensure that every citizen is engaged in our civic society, we must take immediate action to prevent what happened in Mississippi from ever happening again.

An in-depth investigation will be crucial in determining the root causes of these election failures, but the problems go beyond the immediate issues faced on election day. The broader systemic problems need to be addressed comprehensively and urgently.

To begin with, improving the accessibility and functionality of polling places is paramount. The shortage of ballots and the long wait times reported in Mississippi are simply unacceptable. Adequate resources should be allocated to ensure that every polling place is sufficiently equipped and staffed to handle the expected voter turnout. This is not only a matter of logistics but also of respecting the democratic rights of every citizen.

In addition, state authorities need to prioritize voter education and outreach. Many voters may not be aware of their rights or how to navigate the election process. Comprehensive voter education campaigns can empower individuals with knowledge about registration, polling locations, and the voting process itself. By fostering a more informed and engaged electorate, we can help ensure that every voice is heard.

Furthermore, it is crucial that we address the issue of gerrymandering, which can dilute the voting power of marginalized communities. Redistricting should be carried out impartially, with the aim of promoting fair representation rather than partisan interests. This is an essential step in securing the rights of Black Mississippians and all voters.

Lastly, we must emphasize the importance of early and absentee voting options. Expanding these opportunities can alleviate the strain on polling places and reduce the risk of citizens being disenfranchised due to long lines or other impediments. By providing flexibility and convenience, we can encourage greater participation and engagement in the electoral process.

The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy, and it is our collective responsibility to protect and strengthen that foundation. Let the events in Mississippi serve as a wake-up call, reminding us that the fight for fair and accessible elections is far from over.

Even though, across the nation, many pro-democracy candidates won in key battleground states; we cannot forget the South. Black Southerners deserve so much more, we still have much more work to do.

It’s time to act decisively and uphold the principles of democracy that our nation holds dear.

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