Mickey Maurer: Three ugly truths

By now you should know that on Oct. 7, the state of Israel was victimized by the terrorist group Hamas in a surprise attack that killed more than 1,400 Israeli citizens, mostly helpless civilians. By now you should know that these evil people beheaded babies, burned children alive, raped young women and preyed indiscriminately upon other helpless Israelis. Those that were not murdered were taken as hostages into Gaza.

This massacre was not just violence committed against Jews. These were crimes against citizens of many nations including Americans—against all humanity. The terrorists are not hiding from these acts; they are bragging about them. But you should already know all that.

Here are three ugly truths you do not know.

U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, the man elected to represent Indianapolis in Congress, in spite of his self-serving proclamations, has proven himself hostile to Israel. Last week he was one of only nine members of Congress who voted “no” to a resolution affirming U.S. support for Israel. Carson also voted against a bipartisan bill calling for the U.S. to provide aid to Israel to restock its Iron Dome missile and defense system in 2021. Without Iron Dome, Israel would have been defenseless in the face of thousands of missiles launched by Hamas.

As this tragedy unfolded, Rep. Carson was the only member of the Indiana delegation whose statement lacked the moral clarity to condemn the inhumane behavior of the Hamas terrorists. According to the Institute for the Study of Contemporary AntiSemitism at Indiana University, Carson consistently ranks as one of the worst on issues mattering to Israel and the Jewish community.

The ugly truth is that Carson, whom many of you have supported since he launched his candidacy in 2007, is an enemy of Israel.

If you are Jewish, your comfort level as an American has been severely tried since Oct. 7. Many of us are disappointed in the leadership of those organizations for which we have worked, volunteered and financially supported. Too many have either equivocated or failed to make any statement at all regarding Hamas. It’s especially disappointing that the partnership and bond between the Jewish community and the African American community that grew out of the quest for social justice has been smashed under the boot of antisemitism from organizations like Black Lives Matter, which last week posted support for the Hamas atrocities in Israel.

According to the Jewish Community Relations Council, antisemitic incidents in central Indiana have increased significantly in the last few weeks. A fundamental question is emerging: Who are our friends and how important are they after all?

The ugly truth is that antisemitism has not gone away. It never will.

Jewish children are no longer safe on the campuses of our institutions of higher learning. Another ugly truth. Harassment, intimidation and assaults have increased in numbers unlike anything the Anti-Defamation League has ever seen. ADL reports an increase of about 400% in antisemitic incidents since the Hamas insurgence compared to the same period last year, which was then the most since the group started keeping records.

At Indiana University, Jewish students have been counseled by their parents and friends to refrain from wearing Jewish identifiers and to avoid crowds. IU President Pamela Whitten said in a statement that she recognizes “the pain and fear that is affecting the Jewish community on our campuses. I urge us to focus on coming together in taking care of our classmates, colleagues and peers—particularly everyone directly and indirectly impacted by the evil we have seen this week.”

IU and other universities must take action to protect their Jewish students.

Three ugly truths. Learn them and pattern your behavior accordingly.•


Maurer is an entrepreneur and a shareholder in IBJ Media.

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