Mason baker’s pound cakes are ‘Dee-Licious’, and deliverable

The company is an African American woman-owned online bakery specializing in homemade, from-scratch pound cakes in six themed designs and three “Dee-Licious” flavors.

“I received a message from God to start the business. I started baking and cooking with my grandmother, so I’m a little unique there because I cook and bake. Most people like one or the other. People used to try to get my grandmother to open up a restaurant or bakery, but she never did. When she became older, the torch was passed to me,” Rousseau said.

As a tribute to the legacy of her grandmother, Mrs. Scottie Dee Carter Green, Rousseau, named her business in honor and memory of her late grandmother. It also led her to come up with the tagline for the business, “A Taste from Heaven.”

“When I was little, my grandmother said come and bake with me, and what I loved about that is when I got in the kitchen with her, not only did we bake and cook from scratch, but she also introduced me to God. So, we prayed over everything, we talked about everything … So, that experience of being there under her tutelage was my formal training,” she said.

Rousseau believes when you serve someone food or desserts from scratch, you are serving them love and touching their soul.

“For about 20 years, people were asking me to open up a restaurant, bakery, or to cater. I prayed on it for 20 years, and then in December of 2019, God answered my prayer and told me to create an online bakery with pound cakes only in unique designs,” Rousseau said.

Then, she made a post on Facebook, with guidance from God, she said, and things took off from there.

“We specialize in homemade pound cakes only,” Rousseau said.

Flavors offered include sour cream, chocolate, and cream cheese. Designs include a single heart, a three-tiered heart, a rose, an elegant crystal cut, a house, and mini pound cakes. The mini pound cakes started out as a sample, but people started requesting them.

“Now, they have become popular. We sell the mini pound cakes in sets of four to consumers, and businesses can buy them in different multiples,” she said.

Customers can order online. They select a design and a flavor. Then, they pay for the order, and they have an option of picking it up from Dee-Licious Pound Cakes office in Mason, having it delivered via a local delivery service, or they can have it shipped.

“Based on feedback from our clients, we did create a corporate division, and you’ll see that on our website. With our corporate division, they can get the cakes at a value. We put four suggested corporate packages together, and they can do that, and we can enhance their branding and customer loyalty,” Rousseau said.

The packaging can include a company’s logo on the box and a complimentary hand-written note will be included inside.

“We do a complimentary consultation with the businesses, and with them, we can be creative with our pricing, creative with the shipping, and just see what their needs are and how we may be able to come up with some creative solutions for them to help them with their gift-giving needs,” said Rousseau.

Orders can be customized for each company’s need, Rousseau said.

“We understand the importance of gift-giving and the impact that it has on the recipient,” she said. “We had an 80-year-old man who said it took him back to when he was five-years old, sitting on the porch, barefoot, in Mississippi. So, those are the things that are important to us. We’re touching people’s hearts and souls with our cakes,” Rousseau said.

“This is more than pound cakes for me, it’s a business ministry,” she said.

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Info: Dee-Licious Pound Cakes ships via UPS ground transportation, has local delivery available and local pick up is available in Mason.


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