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Marjorie Taylor Greene rips Cori Bush over call for reparations

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene lashed out at her frequent rival, Representative Cori Bush, on Twitter over the Missouri lawmaker’s push to pay reparations to the descendants of enslaved Africans.

Greene and Bush have a history of public feuds, including a Twitter showdown on Independence Day 2022, regarding racism. This year, it was Bush’s call to support her reparations measure that irked her colleague across the aisle.

Bush, a progressive Democrat representing Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, roused some Republicans when she introduced a proposal in May to formally pay reparations to the descendants of African slaves. The bill, which calls for payments totaling roughly $14 trillion to address the damages inflicted on Black Americans through slavery and subsequent racist policies, sparked conservative criticism. The House has yet to vote on the legislation.

Greene, a MAGA Republican who represents Georgia’s 14th District, called out Bush over the Democrat’s Fourth of July tweet, in which the congresswoman urged people to “demand” reparations. Greene shot back, taking aim at Bush’s support of Ukraine amid the country’s war with Russia.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Cori Bush
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is pictured on the left at the U.S. Capitol on May 18, 2023, in Washington, D.C., while Representative Cori Bush, right, is shown on May 8, 2023, in St Louis, Missouri. The two lawmakers on Tuesday traded blows on Twitter over Bush’s call to pay reparations to descendants of enslaved Africans.
Anna Moneymaker, Dilip Vishwanat/Getty

Newsweek has reached out via email to representatives of Greene and Bush for comment.

The Georgian has been a vocal opponent of sending U.S. aid to Ukraine. The firebrand Republican recently stirred up controversy when she accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish, of having a “Nazi army.” Russian state media spread the unsubstantiated claim that Ukraine is secretly colluding with Nazis, despite the theory being rejected by numerous experts.

Greene, in a tweet last week, referred to the Ukrainian leader as an “actor wearing army green everyday, fully funded by U.S. warmongers, and who just recently canceled elections, controls his state media, and has a Nazi army.”

The latest skirmish between Greene and Bush ignited on Independence Day, after Bush said on Twitter, “The Declaration of Independence was written by enslavers and didn’t recognize Black people as human. Today is a great day to demand Reparations Now.”

Greene slammed Bush in response, calling out the Democrat’s 2022 vote in favor of sending billions of dollars to Ukraine to help the Eastern European country fend off a Russian invasion.

“Just stop,” Greene tweeted Tuesday evening. “You voted to send $113 Billion to the white people and white Nazi army of Ukraine.”

Bush clapped back at Greene roughly an hour later, sharing a screenshot of a Newsweek headline that reads: “Marjorie Taylor Greene Bought Defense Stock Day Before Slamming ‘Profitable’ War.”

“This you?” Bush tweeted in response to Greene’s dig.

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