Holiday hell as mould destroys clothes and causes health scare

I had to throw away half my wardrobe after black mould ruined my clothes during girls’ trip to Malia – it even spread all over the kettle and now I’m worried about my health

  • Molly Mcquillan describes hotel horror with room ‘infested’ with black mould 
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A teenager on her first girls’ trip abroad claims she binned half her wardrobe and is worried for her health after staying in a disgusting Jet2 package hotel that was ‘infested’ with black mould. 

Molly Mcquillan, 18, was horrified to find that her clothes and Nike trainers, which cost £120, were covered in mould less than two weeks into her holiday at the party resort of Malia, on the Greek island of Crete.

Ms Mcquillan, from Rochdale, was holidaying with her twenty-one-year-old friends Paris and Morgan Mcintosh last month before going off to university in Preston, Lancashire.

Their holiday bliss turned to hotel horror as they discovered what they say was black mould in their ‘damp and smelly’ room. 

Photos show the items inside the hotel room caked in a black furry substance, including the kettle, bin, shower curtain, and even the ceiling. The womens’ clothes and shoes are also shown covered in what appears to be mould.

The experience at the hotel put a dampener on the trip, said Ms Mcquillan, 18, from Rochdale

Pringles that were dropped on the floor in the disgusting hotel room developed mould, claimed Ms Mcquillan

'Everything has mould on it,' Ms Mcquillan complained about the hotel from hell

A handbag that Ms Mcquillan said was destroyed after spending time in the 'infested' room

The group said that the ‘infestation’ had caused them to bin more than £200 of belongings, and say that they are concerned that having stayed in the ‘dangerous’ hotel room could affect their health.

They are demanding that Jet2 provide them with a refund for the £550 holiday from hell.

The student claims that she and Morgan Mcintosh have developed a cough since returning home last week.

Ms Mcquillan, 18, was on holiday in Crete with Paris and Morgan Mcintosh, both 21, for her first ever girls trip abroad

Molly Mcquillan says that she has developed a cough after returning back to the U.K. and has been to the doctor

Ms Mcquillan wearing the £120 Nike Dunks that she claims she had to get rid off because of they were covered in black mould from the disgusting hotel

The Nike Dunks, which were a Christmas gift, had to be binned after they were infected with what appeared to be black mould spores

A black strappy top that Mc Mcquillan says was destroyed because of black mould in her Greek hotel room

Molly Mcquillan and Paris Mcintosh, 21, had been hoping to have a fun-filled party getaway in Malia, but it turned into a disaster as mould took over their wardrobes

The two-star hotel room which was 'damp and smelly' was 'caked in layers of a black furry substance,' Ms Mcquillan said

Ms Mcquillan complained: ‘It’s disgusting. If they put a baby in there or people with health issues, it’s dangerous.’

‘We don’t know if they’ll just wipe the walls and then it’ll grow back again in two weeks,’ she added. ‘We’ve probably lost about £200 of stuff. My Nike Dunks that I had to leave cost about £120 and my friend had to leave six pairs of shoes.’

Jet2 said that they were only made aware of the issue the day before Ms Mcquillan’s departure and they were investigating.

Ms Mcquillan spoke of her disappointment. ‘It’s made me angry,’ she said. ‘My shoes I got as a Christmas present and my other clothes [are ruined] – I’ve left a lot there.’

‘Even the bed was covered in damp and mould was starting to appear on some of the bed sheets.’

The ceiling in the hotel room was covered in mould spores, Ms Mcquillan said

Ms Mcquillan says that the group had to bin more than £200 worth of clothes after staying in the 'infested' hotel room in Malia, Greece

Shoes had to be binned because of the unsanitary conditions that Ms Mcquillan said that her group found inside the hotel

‘There was stuff in the wardrobe and on our shoes, bags, and cases on the floor. Everything has mould on it.’

‘When I was there, I ended up getting a bad cough. Since I’ve gone home, at nighttime and in the morning, I feel chesty. I’ve had to go to the doctors, my friend has a bad cough as well.’

Ms Mcquillan said that her friends and her had been aware that the hotel was only rated two stars, but that they expected it be clean. 

‘We expected it not to be the best,’ Ms Mcquillan explained. ‘We were actually pretty happy with the room to begin with but there was a strong odour in the room.’

‘We never paid attention to it, we thought it was just the room, but it was getting stronger and stronger towards the end of the holiday.’

‘Then mould started to appear towards the end of our second week.’

‘We were on the ground floor and couldn’t open the balcony to let air in just in case anyone came in.’

'We don’t know if they’ll just wipe the walls and then it’ll grow back again in two weeks,' worried Ms Mcquillan, warning others not to stay at the hotel

Ms Mcquillan and her friends slept in beds that were covered in mould and damp

‘Towards the end of the holiday I noticed I had some shoes that were covered in thick mould.’

‘When we came to pack, that’s when we noticed mould was everywhere thick on the walls. It just isn’t acceptable.’

Ms Mcquillan says that she raised the mould issue with the hotel and with Jet2 on September 7. She says they were offered an ‘insulting’ £50 compensation to be split three ways, which they declined. They are now pursuing the complain with Jet2. 

‘We came to pack up and I said ‘look at my top, it’s covered in mould’, and I thought ‘I’m not having it,’ she said. 

‘I rang Jet2 and sent the pictures over, and one of the reps was in the hotel. I asked them to come into our room, the smell was so bad in the room.’

‘Her face dropped as soon as she walked through the door, she said she’d let the manager know.’

‘The next day I went to the rep and asked ‘what’s the outcome of it?’

‘She said she’d spoken to the woman above her and they’re happy to offer £50, which isn’t worth the damage it’s caused to all our stuff so we refused it. It was an insult to us.’

‘I am waiting to hear back from Jet2, they said within two weeks we would hear back. The CEO of Jet2 said he’s investigating it.’

‘I’d like the full money of the holiday back. I understand they might have to knock a bit off because of flights but I think we should get the accommodation refunded.’

Ms Mcquillan is urging any other travellers to think carefully about their hotel choices after the ‘unacceptable’ experience. 

Paris Mcintosh, 21, left, Morgan Mcintosh, 21, centre, and Molly Mcquillan, 18, tried to make the best of their time away

Ms Mcquillan said that she expected more from the hotel, despite it being only two-stars

‘It upsets me, this definitely didn’t live up to the ‘trusted’ holiday packages.’

‘Jet2 shouldn’t send guests to places like that. It wasn’t just young ones, there were adults and children there too.’

‘If kids have any illnesses and stay in that room, they’ll end up getting even more ill.’

‘It’s made me more cautious to book with Jet2 again. With something like this they should be looking into it straight away.’

‘The room put a dampener on the trip, it was our first girls’ holiday away. I understand it’s only a two-star hotel but you shouldn’t expect big black mould in the room.’

Ms Mcquillan is demanding a refund from Jet2, with whom she booked the holiday. The group refused an 'insulting' offer of £50 compensation, to be split three ways

'Angry,' is how Molly Mcquillan described herself following the experience

A Jet2 spokesperson said: ‘As an award-winning holiday company, we always want our customers to have the very best holiday experience when travelling with us, so we are investigating this as a matter of priority and will respond directly to Ms McQuillan once we have completed a thorough investigation.

‘Although Ms McQuillan stayed in the hotel for two weeks, no issues were reported until the day before departure, so we were unaware of any dissatisfaction until then.

‘We have a team of in-resort customer helpers and colleagues available on our 24/7 helpline who are always happy to assist and encourage customers to contact us as soon as possible if they wish to discuss anything to do with their holiday.’

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