Exclusive: How Tabitha Brown, Egypt Sherrod, Alexis Kerr Inspired Black Women At Hallmark Mahogany’s ‘Mahogany Moment’

Tabitha Brown recently made her way to Atlanta to be the headlining speaker for Hallmark Mahogany’s “Mahogany Moment.”

Hallmark Mahogany, the card company’s personal expressions brand that caters to African Americans, held its inaugural “Mahogany Moment” experience for Black women at the Georgia Freight Depot. 

The event featured a host of expert speakers and professionals in their diverse programming, as well as highlighting Black-women owned businesses through its multiple on-site vendors. 

City of Atlanta representative Camille Love officiated the welcome for the event as hundreds of Black women took part in the curated experience. Programs included workshops on mental health, deemed “Self Care In the Midst Of Ambition” and moderated by psychotherapist Dr. Akua Boateng, as well as “Small Business: Power Plays” featuring Marshawn Evans Daniels on its panel. 

Business owners, content creators, and corporate professionals alike were able to source empowerment and connection through the speakers’ insight. 

Brown joined Mahogany’s Vice President, Alexis Kerr, in a fireside chat entitled, “Nurturing All Aspects Of Your Creativity.” She spoke of her dedication to walking in God’s purpose, whilst still putting in the work to chase her aspirations of being in entertainment. 

Now a household name with an evolving brand, the influencer is committed to sharing her own experience, and how her dream became part of her goals. 

“The difference in a dream and a goal is that a goal is something we create, and a dream is deposited inside that,” shared Brown in the spiritual moment. “So even when times got hard or I thought I couldn’t have it anymore, the dream wouldn’t let me quit. 

As for what’s next for the trailblazing entertainer, her goals range from primetime television to her own talk show, but what is most important is her desire to help others. 

“There’s a lot of dreams I still have,” revealed the mother of two. “But the thing I really want to do is change people’s lives. That is my assignment. And however God places me on the journey to do that, I’m going to be there…and I want my legacy to be that ‘Tab’ loved people so much that her desire was to help change them for the better.”

Kerr shared in the special talk as the entire audience was taken to church by Brown’s testimony to her journey. 

In addition to Brown’s featured attendance, Egypt Sherrod spoke on “Breaking Barriers And Living In the Moment With Purpose” in  her own fireside chat as she connected with the crowd on her shift from radio to real estate, while “Praise This” actress Crystal Renee Hayslett touched on “Embracing Your Journey” through diving into her own career path.

After the memorable panels, VP Kerr was able to connect with Atlanta Daily World to speak on their decision to hold Mahogany’s first-ever event in the area. 

“Atlanta is a top city for African American creatives,” expressed the business executive. “And the most emerging small business owners that are African American women come out of here. So we wanted to make sure we sat here and supported our home sistas in a really good way.” 

She continued on about how this experience is meant to encourage Black women that aspire to accomplish more in their passions. 

“We’re not just speaking to the people, we’re teaching them so that they can leverage the power of their own creativity and expand in whatever ways they enjoy,” shared Kerr. 

Hallmark Mahogany’s first-ever “Mahogany Moment” accomplished its mission of curating a “soulful” event filled with networking opportunities and powerful words by its special attendees. By initiating this experience in Atlanta, the brand spearheaded its efforts in the very city where empowering Black women and their ambitions is most needed and impactful. 

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