Elbert Lee Guillory’s significant Appearance on the Rashad Richey Morning Show: A Momentous Campaign for Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor

In the world of politics, there are few moments that capture our attention and challenge the status quo. Such a moment occurred recently on the Rashad Richey Morning Show, where Elbert Lee Guillory, a candidate for lieutenant governor in Louisiana, faced a thought-provoking interview with host Rashad Richey. The significance of Guillory potentially becoming the first black person in this position in over 150 years cannot be overstated. Let’s delve into the intriguing interview, Guillory’s impressive background, and the historical implications of his campaign.

Elbert Lee Guillory is no stranger to the political arena. From his time as a senator and reverend to his roles as an attorney and now a lieutenant governor candidate, Guillory has dedicated his life to public service and fighting for the rights of all Louisianans. Throughout his career, Guillory has achieved notable successes and championed initiatives that have resonated with the community. His commitment to justice, equality, and progress is evident in his past accomplishments and serves as a strong foundation for his current campaign.

It was on the Rashad Richey Morning Show that Guillory faced a challenging interview that forced him to reveal his true intentions and confront the tough questions posed by Richey. The interview was far from a mere conversation; it was an opportunity for Guillory to showcase his depth of knowledge, dedication, and vision for the future.

Richey’s thought-provoking questions served as an avenue for Guillory to delve into the intricacies of his campaign and shed light on his motivations. The interview was captivating, offering listeners a glimpse into the heart and mind of Guillory as he defended his platform and articulated his goals.

To hear the entire conversation between Dr. Richey and Elbert Lee Guillory, download the link above.

Dr. Rashad Richey, who serves as President of Rolling Out Magazine, the largest free-print urban publication in the country, is a multimedia powerhouse with over 2-million subscribers on Facebook Watch, YouTube and Twitch combined, a noted scholar and university professor/lecturer, Emmy-nominated television Political Analyst for CBS News Atlanta, TV Anchor for ‘Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey on the TYT Network’, which was named ‘fastest growing TV news show in America’, and Political Commentator for The People’s Station V-103 FM, America’s largest urban station.

Dr. Richey is also host of the award-winning ‘Rashad Richey Morning Show’ on News & Talk 1380 – WAOK/V-103FM (HD3) (Weekdays 7am -10am), ‘Dr. Rashad Richey Review’ on SiriusXM’s Urban View (Sundays at 1pm and 9pm), and was voted ‘Best Talk Radio Personality in Atlanta’ by readers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and named ‘Most Trusted Voice in Atlanta’ by the Atlanta Business Journal, making him the first African-American to receive these distinctions.

Dr. Richey holds several advanced degrees and was recently named “one of the most academically-credentialed individuals in American history” by America News Now Magazine. Dr. Richey completed doctoral studies in federal policy reform from Clark Atlanta University, Master of Science in Applied Physics and Quantum Mechanics from UNEM University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Beulah Heights University. Dr. Richey also holds additional research PhDs from Business University of Costa Rica and Western Orthodox University in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He is currently in Law School completing his Juris Doctor degree at Birmingham School of Law. 

As host of The Rashad Richey Morning Show, Dr. Richey has interviewed everyone from Vice-President Kamala Harris to TI, and always brings relevant information, the best on-air debates, and most insightful interviews in media. Tune in every weekday morning from 7am-10am on News and Talk 1380-WAOK, V-103FM (HD3), www.WAOK.com, or on the Audacy App

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