Dr. Mya Cullins and GA NAACP President Attorney Griggs Speak Out on the Rashad Richey Morning Show

Dr. Mya Cullins and GA NAACP President Attorney Griggs recently appeared on the Rashad Richey Morning Show to discuss their efforts in the fight for justice for Nygil Cullins. In this powerful interview, they shed light on the details of the case and the importance of seeking justice for Nygil.

Nygil Cullins, a young African American teenager, tragically lost his life under disturbing circumstances. The circumstances around his death are still being investigated, leaving his family and community demanding answers and justice. The case has sparked outrage and calls for action, highlighting the need to address systemic issues and protect marginalized communities. A Gut-wrenching interview that had to be held.

During their appearance on the Rashad Richey Morning Show, Dr. Mya Cullins and Attorney Griggs passionately discussed the deep-rooted issues surrounding Nygil’s case. They explored the racial implications and raised concerns about the pace of the investigation, urging for transparency and accountability.

The guests emphasized the need for community support and grassroots efforts in pursuit of justice. They highlighted the importance of amplifying Nygil’s story and shedding light on the realities faced by marginalized communities in the criminal justice system. Dr. Mya Cullins and Attorney Griggs offered insight into the challenges they have encountered throughout their advocacy work and shared their ongoing determination to fight for truth and justice. One of the many wonderful things even being a community center created by Dr. Mya Cullins in memory of her son Nygil Cullins. The community center was opened to help feed the homeless and do other charity acts Nygil Cullins would be doing if he were still alive, according to his mother.

Dr. Mya Cullins

Photo credit Dr. Mya Cullins

In light of Nygil Cullins’ tragic case, it is crucial to spread awareness and support the pursuit of justice. As concerned individuals, we can take various actions to help make a difference. Consider donating to organizations that fight for racial justice and support victims’ families. Stay updated on local protests, rallies, and events centered around seeking justice for Nygil and challenging systemic injustices. Additionally, engage in conversations about the impact of systemic racism and advocate for necessary reforms within the criminal justice system.

Let us unite in our determination to fight against systemic injustice and support the ongoing efforts to seek justice for Nygil Cullins. By coming together, we can pave the way for a fairer, more equitable society and make a meaningful impact in our communities. Listen to the full interview by downloading the audio above.

Dr. Rashad Richey, host of the award-winning ‘Rashad Richey Morning Show’ on News & Talk 1380 – WAOK/V-103FM (HD3) (Weekdays 7am -10am), and the ‘Dr. Rashad Richey Review’ on SiriusXM’s Urban View (Sundays at 1pm and 9pm), was voted ‘Best Talk Radio Personality in Atlanta’ by readers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and named ‘Most Trusted Voice in Atlanta’ by the Atlanta Business Journal, making him the first African-American to receive these distinctions.

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Believing in the power of knowledge and education, Dr. Richey holds several advanced degrees, making him one of the most academically credentialed individuals in American history according to America News Now. Completing doctoral research studies in federal policy reform from Clark Atlanta University, Dr. Richey also holds a PhD from the Business University of Costa Rica where his research and doctoral dissertation highlighted the nuances and intersectionality of politics, policy and religion. 

Being a student of leadership, Dr. Richey completed studies in Executive Leadership at Cornell University and was accepted into a specialty executive law program at Harvard University in International Finance: Policy, Regulation, and Transactions. Understanding the connectivity of culture and science, Dr. Richey earned his Master of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Pacific, where his master’s thesis researched cognitive functionalities of brain entrainment. Dr. Richey also completed a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Quantum Mechanics from Universidad Empresarial, his master’s thesis was adapted into a book titled, ‘Ancient Egyptian Mastery of Quantum Physics, Vibratory Frequency, and Geometric Sciences: An Overview of Complex Scientific Applications in Ancient Cultures’, which quickly became the #1 Physics, #1 Science, #1 History, and #1 Egyptian Genre b0ok on the Amazon platform. 

As an executive leader, Dr. Richey says it’s imperative to combine business practices with compassionate leadership principles, which was a primary focus when completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Beulah Heights University. Dr. Richey also holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) in Humanitarian Studies from the University of Renaissance and a Doctor of Law in International Law (ABD) from the research institution, Azteca University. 

He is currently in the final leg of completing his Juris Doctor (Law Degree) from Birmingham Law School and dually enrolled in a PhD in Quantum Physics program, which is a collaborative between the Clark Atlanta University physics department and the School of Life Information Science & Engineering at Asia Pacific School of Business.

As host of The Rashad Richey Morning Show, Dr. Richey has interviewed everyone from Vice-President Kamala Harris to TI, and always brings relevant information, the best on-air debates, and most insightful interviews in media. Tune in every weekday morning from 7am-10am on News and Talk 1380-WAOK, V-103FM (HD3), www.WAOK.com, or on the Audacy App.

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