Dr. Boyce Watkins Pushing New Initiatives To Address Closing The Racial Wealth Gap

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Boyce Watkins Enterprises, founded by financial scholar and The Black Business School CEO Dr. Boyce Watkins, continues to educate millions on bridging the racial wealth gap with a bestselling book, film, and annual convention.

Through his online platforms, Dr. Watkins has helped over 10 million people buy their first share of stock, quit their jobs, and start successful businesses. He is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “The 10 Commandments of Black Economic Power,” and is a frequent contributor on a host of major media outlets.

The 10 Commandments of Black Economic Power
“Our job is to reverse hundreds of years of discrimination and exploitation and the expropriation of trillions in Black wealth that continues to evade our community. This book is also designed to lay out a framework to understand how trillions in Black wealth are lost every single year due to poor cultural habits and family structure. The Black family is, inherently, a multi-million-dollar institution,” affirms CEO Dr. Boyce Watkins.

The Amazon Bestseller provides the Black community with essential strategies for economic empowerment. The book offers practical advice to help build generational wealth and an elevated level of financial security.

B1-The Movie
Dr. Boyce Watkins and Award-winning Filmmaker Ric Mathis polled over 1 Million people with the question:

“What is it going to take, for Black people to start putting Black people first?”
The film speaks on the Black Community not seeking validation from outside but utilizing its own inner power to advance itself on its own terms. The call to action is Black People putting Black People FIRST. The film posits that supporting your community first is the natural code that other cultures operate from naturally.

The film premieres in Atlanta on August 17, 2023 in the pursuit of furthering Boyce Watkins Enterprises’ mission to inspire and educate the African American community.

The All Black National Convention
The three-day event is for attendees to learn from and network with experts in real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, and investing. The convention will feature social events, educational sessions, and opportunities to gain clarity and insight into creating an economic action plan to strengthen the wealth structures of the African American community.

This event serves as a platform to unite and empower the African American community, and takes place from October 20th to 22nd in Atlanta, GA. You can learn more about this year’s All Black National Convention by visiting AllBlackNationalConvention.com.

National Commitment to Financial Empowerment

Dr. Boyce has earned widespread recognition in prominent media outlets such as USA Today, CNN, ESPN, NBC, CBS, and The Today Show. The Black Wealth Educator has a strong online presence and portfolio of educational resources to garner a dedicated following of over two million followers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Dr. Boyce Breakdown podcast can also be found on DrBoyceTV.com and Spotify. Dr. Watkins has garnered acclaim for bringing valuable insights and strategies for financial empowerment to the African American community. As “The King of Black Wealth in America”, he aims to close the racial wealth gap by ensuring every Black family has access to wealth building, investing, and financial literacy.

About Boyce Watkins Enterprises
Dr. Boyce Watkins is a prominent Black Wealth Expert with over two million followers across social media platforms. As the only African American to earn a PhD in Finance in 2002, Dr Watkins spent 12 years as a Finance Professor at Syracuse University before founding The Black Business School, which has empowered over 156,000 students with an affordable, high-quality business education. Dr. Boyce advocates for mainstream media validation, recognizing the importance of educating the broader community about the issues surrounding the racial wealth gap.

To learn more about Dr. Boyce Watkins and his work, visit his website or contact:

Michelle Martin
Phone: (267) 315-3831
[email protected]

Source: Boyce Watkins Enterprises

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