Chanel Iman, Aveeno, Health In Her HUE On Skin Health Inequities For Black Skin

Aveeno® Partners With Chanel Iman For SkinVisibility Program
Image courtesy of Aveeno

In collaboration with healthcare platform Health In Her HUE and supermodel Chanel Iman, Aveeno announced the next phase of their SkinVisibility program. First launched in 2021, Aveeno’s latest program addresses the underdiagnosis, care, and treatment of sensitive skin conditions on Black skin. However, the availability of resources and products tailored to tackle skin challenges such as eczema remains limited within the Black community.

“I haven’t had much of any issues with my skin up until my pregnancies,” said Iman. “Having two children diagnosed with eczema, it was very hard to go to different dermatologists; I didn’t know who to go to. Health In Her HUE really gives you the resources you need as a mother to find the right treatment for your child.” 

According to Aveeno’s annual SkinVisibility survey, 64 percent of Black Americans have a skin concern, such as eczema, but 34 percent say it is difficult to find doctors who understand their skin. With that disparity considered, a staggering thirty-one percent have never seen a dermatologist to address their skin concerns. To mitigate these numbers, Aveeno collaborated with Health In Her HUE, a platform to connect Black women to culturally sensitive healthcare providers, evidence-based health content, and community support. 

“We were intentional about making sure that all of the providers who join the platform self opt-in,” said Ashlee Wisdom, CEO and Co-Founder of Health in Her HUE. “They identify as a provider who is either a provider of color [and/or] a provider committed to providing equitable healthcare and culturally sensitive care for women.” 

As a platform to address racial health disparities, including skin inequities, Health In Her HUE reaches over 200,000 people to provide access to appropriate healthcare. Aveeno sponsored 500 free Health In Her HUE premium memberships, ensuring accessibility for lower-income communities. Furthermore, Health In Her HUE offers three membership tiers, guaranteeing that all women can access the platform, even at the basic level.

Comprising dermatologists, plastic surgeons, lactation specialists, acupuncturists, and more, Health In Her HUE features a comprehensive directory of over 13,000 healthcare providers. Aveeno’s Research and Development Manager, Jipsha Thakrar, said SkinVisibility research reveals that merely 3 percent of dermatologists are of Black ethnicity.

“What that results in is that now you don’t have enough research or doctors to know what eczema and sensitive skin may look like on darker skin tones,” Thakrar said. “What we are hoping with this collaboration is that we bring more knowledge, more education and put it in people’s hands on how to manage their sensitive skin.”

As an additional initiative for SkinVisibility, Wisdom says they will have a campaign for more dermatological pediatricians to join the Health In Her Hue platform. From the Tone and Texture Lotion to Nighttime Balm, Chanel Iman says Aveeno’s accessible products are the most effective in soothing inflammation in her daughter’s skin. 

“When we develop a product, we want to make sure that it works on the skin tone we want to impact,” Thakrar said. “Our research is making sure the ingredients we use work on Black and darker skin tones. That is the focus we’ve been having to make sure we are providing the accessible care that is needed.”

Complete this quick form to claim your Health in Her HUE premium membership sponsored by Aveeno. All eczema products are available at

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