Black Owned Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year, explore Black owned Mother’s Day gift ideas from GOODEE.

GOODEE is a leading curated, marketplace of the world’s most coveted and collectable products that promote good design, ethical sourcing, and positive social impact.

GOODEE founders, Byron and Dexter Peart

In this article, we’ll explore some of GOODEE’s gems, from beautiful handwoven baskets to unique homeware pieces that spark joy.

Whether you’re shopping for a gardening enthusiast, a self-care queen, or a design aficionado, there’s something perfect waiting to be discovered.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The Fazeley Flow

Meet the perfect small watering can for keeping your interior jungle in tip-top condition. Its elegantly curved non-drip spout delivers pinpoint watering accuracy, helping avoid splashes around your potted plants. Available in hand-polished copper, or galvanised steel in a green, it comes beautifully boxed and makes the perfect present.

Tiny Pakurigo Basket

A tinier version of the classic Pakurigo basket, this smaller silhouette boasts the same intricate patterns, shapes and expert weaving techniques of Baba Tree’s Ghanaian artisans, along with a signature wave-like silhouette that few weavers are able to master.

Classic Jug

Looking for a seasoned all-rounder? HAWS’ metal jug will happily water your pots or proudly sit on your shelf as a flower display for those freshly cut blooms. Built for the ages, its heavy gauge galvanised steel offers total rust protection for indoor or outdoor use.

Twin Flame Candles

This 100% natural candle made from two hand-dipped tapers carefully wound together is perfect for special occasions and every moment in between. Each unique piece promises approximately 2 hours of (clean) burn time, slowly dripping into captivating golden sculptures that only add to the aesthetic, while releasing a subtle honey scent.

Ard Cushion Cover

This unique piece carries the soul of old Damascus, reflecting the vibrant life of the traditional checkered-tile courtyards (or Ard Addiyar). Its design, rich with the nostalgia of family gatherings, children’s laughter, and nature’s palette, brings a narrative of resilience and beauty into your living area.

HA KO Leaf-shaped Incense

Delicately crafted from Japanese washi paper and infused with natural essential oils, each one of these dreamy incense leaves offers a distinct scent to evoke different moods: No.1 Spicy Jasmine, No.3 Elegance Citrus, No.5 Smoky Cinnamon, No.6 White Floral, No.7 Green Grass, and No.8 True Aqua. If you can’t bear to burn these beauties, they’ll double as potpourri.

Kalam Wrap Towel

Adorned with a cotton braided fringe, the exquisite fabric, which is ethically crafted in Ethiopia using naturally dyed, locally sourced cotton, makes for one high-quality towel that can also double as a picnic blanket, a throw, or a beach cover-up.

Cairn Centrepiece

Whether you’re seeking a sculptural wooden fruit bowl for your kitchen or an elegant catchall for your entryway, the Cairn Centrepiece stands out as a superb choice. Crafted from solid, FSC™-certified ash wood and adorned with soft curves and sculpted details reminiscent of cairn stones, this piece serves both as practical storage and a decorative showpiece, offering a warm, organic aesthetic

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We don’t spam! Read our [link]privacy policy[/link] for more info.

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