Biden campaign: Ahead of RNC debate, Biden-Harris 2024 announces historic $25 million ad buy

Ad buy includes largest, earliest investment in Hispanic and African American media for a reelection in history

Ads will run across battleground states on television and digital platforms

Today, Biden-Harris 2024 announced its third major ad buy of the 2024 election cycle, focused on President Biden’s economic agenda that is lowering costs for the middle class, creating good-paying jobs, and bringing back American manufacturing. These ads kick off a 16-week, $25 million advertising campaign that will reach key voters in battleground states. This buy includes the reelection campaign’s first investments in Hispanic and African American media. These are the first of several spots that will run in this first phase of advertising across key battleground states and on national cable television. 

The ad campaign will run on broadcast and cable television programming targeted toward key segments of the electorate critical to the campaign’s path to victory in November 2024. The buy will also capitalize on communicating to large audiences on high-reach TV placements such as NFL Kickoff and the World Series. Ads will be featured on premium digital placements like YouTube Reserve, Hulu, and on Connected TV, and will also be placed in short-form video on Instagram and YouTube Shorts. 

Biden-Harris 2024 is aggressively targeting Hispanic and African American voters in key battleground states. The buy makes critical and intentional investments in African American and Hispanic-owned media properties. Critically, the buy constitutes both the largest and earliest media buy for a reelection campaign into constituency media ever, as well as the largest overall buy for a reelection campaign at this point in time ever, ensuring that President Biden’s message is heard throughout this year’s Republican primary. 

“As Republicans head to the debate stage next week to put on display their extreme and out-of-touch positions, we are investing in reaching Americans across the country with President Biden and Vice President Harris’ message for the middle class and for Americans’ fundamental freedoms,” said Julie Chavez Rodriguez. “This historic buy ensures that the President’s message reaches all Americans where they receive their news, and sends a clear sign that we are investing in an aggressive, meaningful, and effective paid media strategy. While Republicans duke it out in Milwaukee over their divisive and unpopular agenda, President Biden is amplifying his winning message and leadership as a president for all Americans.” 

Biden-Harris 2024 is placing advertising on television in the following markets: Arizona: Phoenix; Georgia: Atlanta; Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids; Nevada: Las Vegas; North Carolina; Raleigh, Charlotte; Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Wilkes-Barre-Scranton; Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Madison. In addition, the buy will run a targeted track of advertising focused on Hispanic voters in Florida. The media buying strategy reflects a campaign that is maximizing reach with voters, buying across a broader set of markets and a diverse range of digital and traditional media outlets. The African American and Hispanic media buys will be in these markets as well.

Biden-Harris 2024 announced its first ad buy just one day after President Biden and Vice President Harris announced their reelection campaign in April 2023, marking the earliest ad buy for a Democratic presidential reelection campaign in history. 

In 2020, President Biden and Vice President Harris assembled a broad and diverse coalition that resulted in the most votes in American history for a presidential ticket. Coming off of the best midterm for a sitting Democratic president since FDR, including key wins in these states, they will do it again in 2024 and prevail over the MAGA extremist agenda.

Watch “Fought Back” HERE.
Background on “Fought Back”:
“Fought Back” lays down a clear case that the United States is coming back and the American economy is getting stronger. While President Biden passed historic laws to help our national recovery, American workers are the hero of this story. This spot highlights the stark difference between President Biden’s optimistic vision of America, and MAGA Republicans’ dark and divisive picture of our nation.

Watch “First Day” HERE.
Background on “First Day”:
“First Day,” takes us back to when President Biden took office with a country in crisis and clearly communicates how he’s delivered for Black families since then – a historic reduction in child poverty in his first year, more money for Black entrepreneurs, lowering cost of living, and millions of new jobs. The strategy, creative, and media planning will be executed by Truxton Creative, led by Terrance Green. Terrance led the 2020 Biden for President paid media program.

Watch “Nosotros” HERE and “It’s Us” HERE.
Background on “Nosotros”:
This ad aims to expand the lens to include the collective – ‘us’ and how President Biden is helping people like the Latino community. This is an intentional effort to establish a cultural connection that increases receptivity to our narrative – “the president is fighting for me + those like me.” The strategy, creative, and media planning is led by Adrian Saenz and his firm, Conexión. Adrian is an alum of Biden for President and an alum of the Obama and Biden White Houses. Colin Rogero, an award winning ad maker, is the co-founder and creative director for Conexión. 

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