Amazon’s Secret Sale Section is Packed With Early Black Friday Deals

The most wonderful time of the year (a.k.a. Cyber Week) is fast upon us and, no matter what we’re shopping for, it’s safe to say that Amazon will be the very first stop on our shopping marathon. From Lightning Deals that are snatched up in the blink of an eye to daily discounts, the Everything Store is known for offering unbelievable bargains on well…everything. (And if history is any indication, those sales get even sweet during Cyber Week.) But, if you’re looking to save even more on your Black Friday loot, Amazon’s Warehouse has you covered.


Think of this under-the-radar section as Amazon’s best-kept secret: It’s the place where you can get opened or used items for at least 40 percent off. (That sink in for a second, will you?) But don’t write off Amazon’s Warehouse as a bargain free-for-all: It takes some basic know-how to navigate this corner of the Everything Store.

For starters, how do you even access the Amazon Warehouse section? Simply click on the drop down bar next to the search bar on the website’s homepage and select “Amazon Warehouse.” From there, you can search for a particular product or simply hit the magnifying glass icon to head to the landing page.

Shop Amazon Warehouse By Category

With so many deals to sift through, finding the best bang for your buck can feel like an uphill. (Especially when you’re neck-deep in a Cyber Week shopping frenzy.) To help, start your search by checking out a few sections we bookmarked for you.

How Does Amazon Warehouse Work?

Since the Amazon Warehouse is packed with used and pre-owned items, you’ll want to understand what you’re paying for. (After all, there’s a difference between “like new” and “gently used.”) Fortunately, the Amazon team places each item under a thorough quality check and assigns an appropriate ranking.

  • “Used—Like New:” Think of this ranking as close to mint condition as you can on Amazon Warehouse. The product looks and operates personally; however, there may be some imperfection with the packaging.
  • “Used —Very Good:” Though items that are dubbed “Very Good” are still fully functioning, you might notice some superficial wear and tear or non-essential accessories missing. (Don’t worry: Amazon will note any and all missing pieces in its product descriptions.)
  • “Used—Good:” Meanwhile, “Good” means that a product has been used a moderate amount, but it still functions fully. Imperfections can range from minor blemishes, damaged packaging, to missing essential accessories you’ll need to buy separately. (In other words, it’s a good idea to check the fine print before you add to your cart.)
  • “Used—Acceptable:” According to Amazon, an “Acceptable” warehouse product might have very obvious signs of wear and tear, but still serves its primary function. That said, you may also noticed that some of its key accessories are not included and may need to buy them on their own in order to use your product. While this lower ranking may elicit some hesitation, Amazon promises that these items still serve their primary function.

Now that you know the ins and outs of the Amazon Warehouse, it’s time to get shopping. To help, we’ve culled the section for the very best deals worth adding to your cart—this Black Friday and beyond.

Shop the Best Amazon Warehouse Deals

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